Engine Repair and maintenance

The objective of JSV auto repair facility is to maintain your car in excellent condition at all times. We have state of the art diagnostic and repair facilities that provide customers with the highest quality in automotive service. Automotive technicians are certified and professionally trained in all facets of vehicle engine repair and maintenance, to ensure that your vehicle is running in peak condition. Engine replacement and other engine services are available at the fully equipped state-of-the-art mechanic shop conveniently located at 4315 Menaul Blvd NE.

Engine Repair: If your engine is having problems, it may be time for an Engine Repair and Maintenance check to ensure that everything is in working order. Common problems which could be slowing down your vehicle include: bad camshaft timing, dirty or loose gas ports, worn out spark plugs, bad valves, or bearings, and misfiring starter motor. In addition, Engine Repair and Maintenance may be needing to replace faulty starter relays, belts, spark plugs, or other engine components. You should contact an authorized technician to get started on an Engine Replacement, to avoid costly overhaul expenses.

Engine Swaps and Damages: The timing belt is also very important in the performance of your engine. When this belt becomes damaged, it affects the overall efficiency and speed of your engine. A good mechanic will perform an Engine Swap to properly inspect the timing belt and replace it if necessary. A timing belt that is too worn out will need to be replaced before your Engine Repair and Maintenance schedule can proceed. A non-corrosive and anti-wear fluid will need to be applied to the crankshaft and then the timing belt, followed by a valve to drain off the used fluids before proceeding.

Engine Oil Pump Replacement: Your engine’s oil pump is another critical component, which can lead to your vehicle’s engine failure. If you suspect that your engine has a leak, you should have your engine checked immediately, to avoid any further damage. Generally, Engine Oil Pump Replacement requires a licensed mechanic to ensure that the proper engine oil is being delivered, so that it is protected from possible damage during the repair process.

Water Pump Replacement: Your engine needs to maintain adequate amounts of hydraulic pressure to prevent hydroplaning and overall engine failure. If you notice a decrease in hydraulic pressure, you should have your engine repaired immediately. Your auto repair shop will recommend replacing your engine’s water pump, if necessary. This process can be quite labor-intensive, so it is strongly suggested that you contact a professional to complete this job. Engine Blockages can often cause Hydroplaning and Engine Failure. Therefore, having your Engine Repair and Maintenance schedule include a thorough check of your engine blocks to ensure that it is free of debris is very important.

These are a few examples of the many services that your auto repair shop can provide to make your car run smoothly. If you are experiencing any problems with your car or truck, it is always wise to get it checked out before things get too serious. You should always remember that a covered car is an asset that should be protected at all times, so that it continues to be reliable and last as long as possible!